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We Office Riyad Rajab Almalki For Recrutment work under license by the Ministry of Labor No. 37-09-005 in Jeddah City, we provide deserving human cadres in the various areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the sectors, whether individuals or companies all occupations and specialities, which makes us astronauts fees in the kingdom, it also includes a group of experts in the field of training human cadres, selection criteria and according to fine.

We consolidate the strategic partnership with a number of agencies around the world in terms of providing human cadres which had long experience in this field, and our office (Riyad Recrutment ) to experts in the field of prominent intake worked in the labor market for years and look forward to building a strong partnership with their clients.

Aimed at the office of the Riyad Recrutment to contribute to the consolidation of human cadres and attracting high competencies to ensure enhanced productivity and achieve prosperity to the country which gives us more responsibility toward our Customers and the homeland.